Wednesday, April 30, 2008

HS addendum received and a VERY exciting UPDATE!!

Today, I received a very unexpected SURPRISE!!!! Fei wrote first of all to tell me she received the addendum and then she also sent some new PICTURES and weight/height update for ANNA!!! I sure wish I could post pictures! maybe once this blog becomes a private blog, I can post... but for now, I'll just say, she is SOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!

I noticed her chunky little face and how the pacifier was wrapped around her neck with a diaper... I was wondering as I put together the care package whether she uses a pacifier, so now i know and I will send her a pacifier holder!!!

Oh, Fei also told me that I can send her a care package and gave me the Chinese Address for Chung Yi. I am soooo excited!

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