Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy, happy friday

Today, the boys didn't have school ~ I invited the boys friends over for a little bit... JP, Logan S., and the Todd brothers (Tristan, Logan & Gavin). They all played outside and got nice and dirty...

I received an email from Fei saying that she sent out a fedex pkg to us with Power of attorney (this allows the orphanage director to present our case on our behalf for the court process), and the adoption agreement. We need to get it notarized and send off to ASIA so that they can begin the authentication process.... once it goes to the state and to TECO in San Francisco for authentications, then we are officially DTT (dossier to Taiwan) and the court process begins. Fei stated in her email that court process from DTT until travel is aprox 6-7 months. I am still praying for sooner and that we get the "fast judge". I have learned through the online Taiwan adoption community, that there is a "fast judge" and a "slow judge". Everyone prays to get the fast judge, for obvious reasons. We hope to have our dossier in Taiwan in a couple weeks.

Tonight, to celebrate Anna, we went out with Chris & Darcy, along with little Trenton, and Mike & Ann with their kiddos Michael & Jane. We went to El Caporal in downtown Bend. It was fun to celebrate this wonderful news with them and I was able to share with them pictures of Anna for the first time.

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