Thursday, May 8, 2008

Care Package, Authentication, and Non-employment letter

Today was a crazy busy day for me.... infact, it's not even over yet and the house is a disaster!

This morning, I sent off a care package to Anna. You can see the contents in the picture below...

Do you think I over did it on the care pacakge? When I weighed it, it was over 10lbs!! I just kept thinking of things little Anna will need... One of the very special things we sent her was a bear that Michael & I made at those stuff a bear places... we also included a recording of our voice on there from all five of us. Hopefully, she'll hug that bear alot and hear our voices all the time.

I also received news today that our dossier is being authenticated at the Taiwan Consulate (unlike China, our agency does this step for us and once it is authenticated and they send the complete dossier to Taiwan, our adoption can enter the court process!)

In the same email that I read about our authentication process, I was told that they need an additional paperwork from me... (a non-employment verification letter). They never stated they needed one in their dossier guide, so I am a little irritated that they are bringing this up now... especially knowing that I have had all our documents there for 4 months now and they could have gone through it so long ago. Anyways, I'm mostly irritated that I had to spend another fed-ex overnight fee when it could've been sent all at once. This is the one thing I really LOVE about our China agency, CCAI... they are SOOOO incredibly on top of everything that something like this would never have happened. I think I'm going to LOVE working with CCAI once we get our referral from China.

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