Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday... a little problem...

Fei at ASIA called me today to tell me that there was a "slight" problem with the docs that got signed... apparently, the notary was supposed to write in the "I certify.... blah, blah, blah" statement but didn't do it on one of the docs.... ofcourse, we didn't know that is was supposed to be written, but thankfully, Fei was able to talk with Jana and get it straightened out. WHEW... And then, I realized that Juline, our social worker, was going to do a hs addendum to include our fingerprint clearance and she hadn't done that yet, so I had to call her and ask her to do that... there was a little tiny bit of "scare" that perhaps, our fingerprints had not cleared yet, but thankfully, it had so Juline should hopefully get that taken care of and sent off to ASIA tomorrow so they can get the docs certified and authenticated! Praying for God's GRACE and smooth EVERYTHING!!!!

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