Friday, June 1, 2007

Mom & Dad are off to Indonesia..

Today, I spoke with Aaron's dad for a bit to say good bye since they will be gone for a month to Indonesia again for their ministry trip starting this sunday the 3rd.

They hadn't really expressed their thoughts about what Susi and Fenny had been working on for us as far as the newborn they are supposedly trying to keep an eye out for us so I asked his mom by email and she said she would talk to Susi again and see how things are going.... the great news is, Aaron ended up talking to his dad tonight and he asked if they would please talk to Susi and Fenny and he said to Aaron "I am as curious and excited about this adoption prospect as you are so we'll DEFINITELY talk to them to get more info."

So, it looks like we may get "some" answers about this whether it's a no or that there is a baby for us to adopt. God knows and I am putting my trust in Him...

I've had this feeling (even though feelings don't always pan out)that we will know something about our daughter in June... that was what I felt the Lord tell me last year when we were paperchasing... that I will know something about our daughter by June.... but when the China adoption slowed down, it seemed impossible to know anything by June and here we are in June and we are definitely NOT close to a referral for Selah... HOWEVER, we don't always see the full picture and it's possible that we have another daughter in Indonesia... I also felt last year before deciding on a country to adopt from that we'll end up with TWO daughters... it was a gut feeling and even though we chose China and you're not allowed to adopt 2 at once from China unless you're having twin referrals, I still felt like we will end up with TWO. It is interesting that God orchestrated the timing of Aaron's parents going to Indonesia to be in June too.... perhaps God has been speaking to me... I know that in our relationship with the Lord, hearing from Him is rarely crystal clear...I've been wrong many times about "feelings" so I hold all of this lightly.. I know I'm human and my own desires and my flesh can get in the way of hearing Him accurately... we'll see how this all plays out... Life with God really is an adventure... it's fun!