Monday, April 14, 2008

We are back and Happy Birthday, Calvin!

We are back from our trip to Bama and Calvin is 8 years old today!! I took him some cupcakes during lunch at school for his class to celebrate with him. He and Noah also started Karate today at Sortor Bushido Kai. I think they had fun but Noah doesn't seem too excited about it... they were both so cute in their uniforms!

Didn't find out anything today about Li-Xuan... I think I'll wait a couple days before I call ASIA.

I did find out while we were on vacation that it looked like the orphanage was going through all the homestudies and deciding which ones get to be submitted to the birthmother. There was atleast one family that I heard of on the yahoo group that was told their family didn't make it through that round. We haven't heard anything yet, so I am assuming this means good news???

We are going to celebrate Calvin's birthday (officially) tomorrow! Tonight, we had potstickers and just had some fun celebrating Calvin.

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