Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Heading out to Portland and some news....

Since we are headed to Portland tomorrow, I thought I'd write Fei at ASIA and email to make sure she knew our cell phone numbers just in case she had to get a hold of us while we were gone (i.e., in case she had great news and wanted to call us!). She replied back with this...

Got your packet…

The Foundation actually stopped accepting HS on Monday, March 31 because they received big number of homestudies. So far, you are the number two family. The Foundation will look at all the homestudies and determine qualified the families. If the number one family is qualify, they will be the first homestudy to present to the birth parents. Birth parents can say YES or NO. If the answer is YES, they will stop right there. And the first family will pursue this child. If the answer is NO, your homestudy will be the next. It may takes couple of weeks to come up the decision. So enjoy your vacation, I will have your number handy.


This actually made me feel hopeless... like we don't really have a chance because if the first family is qualified and the birthmom says yes, it's over... As I told Aaron about this email, I started crying and he reassured me that nothing has changed. I think I know that in my head... but my heart is beginning to feel sad and wondering "what if we're not picked?"

I started thinking I wish I would've made a stronger case on our LOI about how great we are, etc... but again, I am reminded.... MAN TRIES TO MAKE PLANS FOR HIMSELF, BUT IT IS GOD WHO HAS THE FINAL WORD. I really believe that. If she is not meant to be our daughter, we don't want her. We only want the one God has for us ~ we really mean that.

Alright, off to Portland and the wedding we go!

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