Thursday, April 24, 2008

SHE IS OURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I got the CALL!!!! Here's what happened!

I came home from dropping off the boys at about 8:45 AM and sat at the computer to check our email just in case ASIA had written about us being denied Li-Xuan…
I started typing away to Jessica Smith on ladybug group about her Taiwan adoption not working out and how frustrating that must have been, when the phone rang at 9:12 AM…. Michael was sitting on the couch right next to my chair and as I stood up to get the phone, knowing it was someone other than Aaron because Aaron’s calls have a distinctive ring, my heart started to beat a little faster because all week I had jumped everytime the phone rang…. Hoping that it would be good news from ASIA…. Well, as I peeked at the caller id on the phone… it said ASIA!!!! I started to shake and thought to myself “THIS COULD BE GOOD NEWS!”… but, as I answered the phone, a quick thought raced through my head… “But, it COULD be bad news…” When I said “hello”, I was greeted by Fei, who said “I have some good news for you!” Immediately, I was just jumping up and down inside.. and she said something about the birthmother choosing us and all I could come up with was “YAHOO!”… She proceeded to tell me a few things about the power of attorney and adoption agreement that was going to be fed-ex’d, but to be honest, I didn’t really hear anything… I was beaming and I wanted to get off the phone so I could celebrate and scream! So, as I prepared to hang up the phone, I said to Fei…”So, I don’t have to do anything today, right?... except to CELEBRATE?” to which she answered “yes.” I think I thanked her a million times and then hung up the phone… I jumped around the kitchen screaming and ran into the great room and started to cry as I told Michael “They picked us!!!” He knew right away what that meant and hugged me and jumped and and down with me!... I called Aaron right away and it went to voicemail… so then I called him again and he answered and I started to tell him “She chose us”… but it was so hard to say because I was crying… he said he was so excited and that he would call me right back because he was with a patient right then…So, I got off the phone and then paced back and forth around the house and called Anna…. I cried as I told her too and I am sure she could barely understand what I said, but she was so excited and somewhat shocked! I was too! I think I thanked God in between racing thoughts and actions…. After Anna, I got online and emailed her a picture of Li-Xuan and sent out a mass email to family that we got her with her picture… Up until this day, only Barbro and Tori & Matt had seen her picture so it was a first for everyone in our family. I made a bunch more calls to Tori, Ann, Gloria & Shannon but I ended up leaving voicemail for everyone except Shannon. They were all so excited for us when I finally did get to talk to each one. I took Michael to school at 12:05 and looked for Calvin & Noah at the playground to tell them about it and they were all so excited as well as the teachers! Then, I headed to Aaron's office and hugged and cried a little with Aaron ~ everyone at Desert Orthopaedics was so happy for us. We went out to lunch afterwards, signed on a new contract with UNICEL (I know, kinda random but our cell phone contract with Tmobile was expiring today)

After I picked up the boys from school, I received some flowers from Desert Othopaedics at the house... it was very sweet...then we all went out to dinner together at Anthony's to celebrate. What a Day! My head is still spinning and I am SOOOO very thankful. God, I give you all the credit for this.... Only You could've orchestrated this so perfectly.

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Andrea said...

I'm just back reading to get the story on your little one. I cried reading through the posts. It was meant to be for you to find this little angel.