Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We are Family #2

We were Family #4 on the Non-special needs list, but now due to 2 families not getting approval from the Taiwan Orphanage, we have moved up to #2 in line for a referral! I wish we didn't have to move up in line this way since there are 2 families that are hurting and probably feel very discouraged right now.

I am praying those families end up finding their daughters/sons that are meant to be theirs. God is amazing and He has handpicked Anna Grace for us. We are excited to see when He'll bring her to us.

We hope being #2 means we could get a referral before summer ends... Aaron hopes to travel sometime in September or November right around Thanksgiving. Since it takes aprx 4-6 months for the court process to go through after referral, we almost need to get a referral immediately to have that happen.

God knows so we're not worried....