Saturday, September 20, 2008

We're in Taipei!!

We are here in Taipei... I'll post pictures of our last day in Okinawa later, but wanted to let you know that we arrived safely. We are staying at the Riviera Hotel and it is SOOOOO spacious! The hotel in Okinawa was REALLY tiny... we could barely get all our suicases in the room... but this hotel has 2 bedrooms, a living area with a desk, refrigerator, microwave and 2 bathrooms! Tomorrow we get a crib! The lady at the front desk asked us why we needed a crib after seeing our boys :)

We haven't explored Taipei yet since we came in late lastnight, but we are going to head out soon to find some coffee and maybe some breakfast.

More later with pictures :) Tomorrow is ANNA day!!!! I can hardly believe it!!


Kelly (Mike and Zane) said...

I am so excited for Anna Day! I look forward to pictures! I am SOO happy for you and your family!

Kelly & Matt said...

Hope tomorrow is everything you hoped for and more. I can't wait to see pictures of you with Anna in your arms.

Donna said...

I cannot WAIT to see pictures of you with Anna! I'm stalking your blog and waiting impatiently :) Blessings on your day coming up!!!

Elizabeth Bergeron said...

I was just thinking how many of us have received out children on a Sunday. Perhaps that is another reminder that God is with us.

Can't wait for you to hold your little girl!!! All that pink can finally get used! :)