Friday, September 12, 2008

And we're off :)

Here's a picture of our luggage :) It looks like alot, but it's not too bad... one suitcase is dedicated to orphanage gifts, gifts for caretakers, birthmom and gifts for my family...
We are leaving today from Redmond at 7:55pm... Bags are packed(as you can see), Doors are locked and my mind is racing ~ thinking about what I could have forgotten. The most important documents are in hand so I think we are ready....

As I type this, I hear that Typhoon Sinlaku is making its way to Taiwan AND Okinawa :) (Isn't that interesting?). Please pray that God will blow that typhoon out of the way and we can land safely in Taipei and onto Okinawa. It is suposedly coming in just as we are. We are prepared if we have to stay overnight in Seattle, but I would love to be on our way.

Next post will hopefully be from either Taipei when we land or Okinawa! Please pray for safe and uneventful flight!

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Elizabeth Bergeron said...

Wow, how did you manage to fit 6 people into such small space? Three of us traveled and we had 2 rolling duffels and 2 small suitcases!!

Glad you are on your way!!