Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 3 ~ VISA, Taipei 101, Children's Recreation Center

Today was a pretty busy day.... we woke up leisurely, ate breakfast and decided to head out to the Children's Recreation Center that is about 10 min walk from our hotel. We didn't head out early enough though, because by the time we got there, it was pretty hot. We had to go back to AIT at 11:30AM to pick up the visa so we quickly went through the recreation center, did a couple of rides and took a cab to AIT. The visa was waiting for us so now we are free to take Anna out of the country! After the AIT visit, we took a cab to Taipei 101 (the tallest building in the world) and took the elevator ride up to the observation deck. The boys really wanted to do this and we figured it would be a long time before we come back and by then, it may not be the tallest building in the world :) The elevator ride was QUICK! It takes you from 5th floor to 89 in 35 seconds! The view from the top was amazing. It was a very clear day so we were able to see quite a bit. We came back to the hotel, exhausted at 5pm and decided to stay in for dinner. Some things about Anna.... We have found out that she does NOT like diaper changes... everytime I lay her flat to do a diaper change, she cries the most pitiful cry. Tonight, she wailed for the first time and that was during a diaper change. She is a great eater! She eats Gerber veggie baby food... I remember our boys were never that great with vegetables even though I still made them eat it...she just eats it up... She is such an easy baby as long as you're not changing her diaper. She goes to bed easily and wakes up pretty happy. Tonight, she was a little bit too exhausted at bedtime so she cried for about 1 minute ... seriously, that is about the worst so far and it is not bad at all. We feel very spoiled and wonder if we'll end up spoiling her so much that she ends up sleeping in our bed :) She did wake up at 2AM, kinda awake this morning... we felt bad for her just playing in her crib, so Aaron suggested we let her sleep with us.... she then went to sleep quickly and woke up at 6:30AM. Another thing that is amazing about her is her HAIR! It's getting long, but it sticks STRAIGHT up in the air... there's nothing I can do to it to tame it :) I was asked by the hotel staff the other day if she was a boy or girl... what's funny is she was wearing a PINK dress and had a bow on her head... We were also asked by one of the hotel staff how much we paid for her.... I really didn't think I would ever get this question, but they actually asked. I do think that in Taiwan, they really aren't trying to be rude... they are seriously wondering how much it costs to adopt. I am off to bed... enjoy the pictures!

By the way, those that have commented about her cheeks... they really are VERY kissable and I can't count the number of times we've kissed her already... she tolerates her crazy parents!


Alisha said...

Keep up the great blogging, I am totally addicted. I knew you would do a better job than I did! I am going to have to bring Genei out for a visit....maybe next spring.

Thru a Tori-lens said...

This blog is awesome! Great work, Pam... By the way, enjoy the warm weather while you have's getting cold here. :) See you, soon! Maybe Sunday? Let us know how you guys feel.
love you!

Steve n Coco said...

Yay! She's yours and you're comin home!! :)

Karmen and Greg said...

I agree with Alisha -- your blog IS addicting! And those cheeks ARE totally kissable!!! What a little angel ... and sounds like a PERFECT baby!!!!


Lisa said...

I love the pictures of her smiling. I am soooo excited to be following along on your journey!