Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Waiting & 2nd Care Package

We are still waiting to find out about how the court hearing went on 6/26. Our agency did say that we should get a ruling in aprx 5-6 weeks from that date, so it is possible we will not hear anything until the 5-6 weeks is over... but then, it would be great if we heard that it is FINAL.... I was hoping for even quicker result... (I think everyone prays that they would be the case that speeds through at lightening speed). We are still holding on to hope that we can travel mid-late August to make our trip easier with the kids still being on summer break.

On another note, today, I am going to finally send our 2nd care package... Our update from May said that Anna likes toys with bells, so I went around town looking for something like that and found one and some other toys. I also found a "talking photo album"... it's an album that holds 24 pages and each page, you can record 10 seconds of sound. I started with a picture of Anna and said her name and then went on with our other family members, each speaking their own name. I also took a picture of the mobile hanging over her crib and recorded the music from the mobile. There were still quite a few pages left, so I read her a story about Jesus and the children and included pictures from the book. I know she may not understand the words, but I wanted her to get famililar with the sounds of our voice and the language she will be hearing alot, and, eventually speaking.

As each day goes by, I begin to ache even more. I just want to get on the plane and go get her!!

The first family from our agency that signed up with the Taiwan program is in Taipei right now, getting ready to pick up their little daughter from Chung Yi. Looking at the places they go in Taipei makes me long to be there too. I am sure it'll get harder when I see pictures of them at the orphanage. I really didn't think this phase would be as hard as it has been the past couple of days... God, give me the grace to just enjoy today with our boys.


Cindy said...

That talking photo album sounds great! I would love to know where you found it. As hard as it is to wait for a referral, I can only imagine it will be that much harder when you know who your child is and can't go get them immediately. I was checking your blog to see whether you had heard anything on the courts. . .I am hopeful you will hear something soon and will be able to bring Anna home as early as August. I'll say a prayer for you today, and for your court process.


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Oh, what a precious, precious care package. I just LOVE the album that you found.

Praying that you hear something soon. We are anxious for you, and remembering you in our prayers.