Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A better update...

I received this email from my agency today right after the email from the director.... it really made my day and although the final decree has not yet been issued, it makes me feel better that atleast someone is working on it and that the hearing probably went well ~ Here's the email I received...

Hi Pam,
We’ve received an email from the social worker in Chungyi. They express their appreciation to you regarding the gift you sent to Li-Syuan. They can feel that you are very caring to Li-Syuan. They transferred the clothes, toys, and the photo album to Li-Syuan, and will also help her to recognize her adoptive parents and brother using the album.

In addition, they are still waiting for the legal court approval for Li-Syuan. Once they receive it, they will notify us immediately.

They are so looking forward to meeting you.

It made me me happy to think they actually like us :) and that they are going to make an effort to make sure Anna knows we are her parents! Thank you, God!

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