Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I once again received an unexpected surprise today of Anna's updates!! I am really beginning to like Chung Yi!! One of the coordinators at ASIA wrote me to let me know that her name has been changed to Li-Syuan (used to be Li-Xuan). Anyways, doesn't make a huge difference to me since she is our Anna Li Grace, but kinda glad they didn't change the "Li" part of it since we have already decided to make that one of her middle names. Here are her photos!!

Look at that SWEET smile!!

Look how cute she is!!! I can't help but smile when I see her little face!!! AND, did you notice the CUBE picture frame above her head on one of the shots??!! Yes, that is from US!!! It makes me so happy to know it's in her crib :) Atleast the caregivers were kind enough to include it in the picture.

I believe these pictures were taken sometime between May 19th and yesterday. (Since the cube was in the care package that they received on May 19th). She is getting so big! The onesie she has on is not one that we sent her, but it's still very cute :)

I was so happy to see more of an update this time... here are some things on the written updates about her ~ these are things that were observed from March 1 - April 10th.

The black writing are the comments from orphanage, the pink are my comments :)

Her nickname is Wa-wa (it means baby) and she likes to drink water (good girl!)

She drinks formula every 3-3.5 hrs (got some info on what type of formula also)

she likes her pacifier, doesn't like darkness and sounds of thunder (I don't either...)

She tends to regurgitate, need to feed her in different times and pat her back!(going to have to take extra outfits and many burp cloths!)

She can turnaround and move around lying down. She can lift her head and move right and left. She will blink her eyes if there is a light and if there is a sudden noise she will be frightened and cry with open arms and legs. (poor baby... wish I could comfort her when that happens)

She can make meaningless (love it..) sounds when hearing her name.

She likes to be massaged and patted on her back. (I laughed outloud when I read this because Aaron & Calvin are my "physical touch"(love languages) men and they are ALWAYS wanting massages and pats on their backs (especially Aaron).

Preferred toys are toys bells and toy animal (will have to find her a toy bell of some kind....)

Most feared item: Being alone (this broke my heart). She likes being held in arms.

Also noted that she needs extra massage and comfort (hmm, wondering if I am going to have a little cuddle baby? :)

She wears Pampers Size M diapers (good to know)

Sleep Conditions:

She likes quiet place and is easily awakened (uh-oh... could be a problem with house full of boys...but, I have to say, that is just like me) When awakened, we need to comfort her. (Ok, no problem...)

Special Habits During Sleep:

She needs to use pacifier and listen to music (I LOVED that! She is like me!!! ofcourse, minus the pacifier) We also massage her limbs for her (starting to sound more and more like Aaron)

She has normal appetite

She was drinking formula every 1.5 hrs, but has been training to go every 3 hours (Thank you, caregivers!)

She likes to drink water. She sleeps soundly at night until next morning for milk (nice!). Her emotion is stable (that's good, 'cuz her mama's is not!) Massage her limbs and speak to her and help her to sleep. (if she gets in the habit of this, we could be in BIG trouble! Just kidding, we'll do anything to make sure she feels loved :) :) )

I am so excited to know she is doing so well! I am praying for speedy court process! There has been people in the past that breezed through the court process so that is what my prayers are! I don't see any reason why she needs to grow up without us a minute more than necessary.


Ruth said...

How great to get more pictures and a nice update as well!!!
She is a cutie and will fit right into your family :-)

Lisa said...

She is beautiful Pam! I love that you are getting such updates. Praying for everything to go smoothly and quicky.

Alisha said...

She is so beautiful. I love that they are sending you updates regularly. She looks healthy and well cared for, at least that offers comfort in the waiting. Praying for a speedy process and a quick journey home.

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Oh how cute she is! Those precious cheeks! I just love the update and your reactions. Praying for you regularly.

Steve n Coco said...

I love getting to read about little Anna!! She is precious. Thanks for the invitation!

Kim said...

So, so cute! She is just beautiful and how blessed to get all these updates! Can't wait until you travel!

Karmen said...

I LOVE seeing your pictures and reading all about Anna! What a BLESSING to know that she is obviously being well cared for in your absence. It's kind of like you're being given a chance to get to know her before you officially even meet her ... she's gonna fit so well in your family ... like she was born to be there ... kinda sounds like a God thing if you ask me! : )


Leslie said...

I'm so glad I'm here Pam. What a pretty blog, and a beautiful Baby Anna Li. She is getting so big, and sounds so precious. I'm glad your getting great updates, and she looks like she is so well taken care of.

Thank you for the invite to such a special blog.

I'm so happy for you all.

Melinda said...

She is so beautiful Pam! I am so glad you are receiving updates! I hope your process moves quickly and you are on the plane to get your little girl soon!