Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A great email from our agency about our care package!

I received this email today from Fei at ASIA. Even though our documents are STILL at Taiwan Consulate in Seattle getting authenticated, this email made me smile because I now know that the orphanage likes us and they know a little bit about how much we care about Anna. Here's the email I received. I wish I knew Chinese so I can read exactly, what they wrote. I am sure Fei's translation is accurate though :)

Hi Pam,

They received your packet and ask me to pass this message to you:

Thank you very much for sending so many gifts and cloths to Li-Xuan. We feel the adoptive family really putting their heart into their daughter and prepare their daughter’s arrival.

Because the family sent so many cloths with different sizes, we like to ask the family when Li-Xuan can not wear those cloths anymore should we keep the cloths or let Li-Xuan take them back to the US? Or we should do something else with the cloths?


Pam, please let me know I will communicate with the orphanage.

I responded back that they can keep all the clothes except leave one outfit of their choice as a keepsake for us.

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