Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What??? We have to wait?

Ok, So it looks like we have to wait some more.....

Yesterday when we talked on the phone with Fei, it sounded like as soon as we turned in our paperwork and if we were the FIRST family, we'd automatically get to adopt Li-Xuan... well, that is NOT the case... I received an email from Fei that said Taiwan receiped our homestudy addendum and LOI and we are so far FAMILY #2 who has turned in the paperwork ... (sounds like we are family #2 for every line).... anyways, The orphanage has decided to take as many applicants as possible until April 4th and then a committee will decide out of those applicants who gets to adopt her... So, I am a little bit disappointed that now we have to wait for 2+ weeks to find out if we are chosen or not... Looks like we might end up finding out if she's ours while we are vacationing in Gulf Shores, AL after Judah & Trish's wedding. It'll be kinda cool to find out while we are there with the family.

I trust that God is the ultimate decision maker on this and even though I know it'll be hard if we don't get her, I know that God's will and perfect plan for her and us is what I want. Let it be according to Your will, Lord.

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