Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday and a "sign"

Woke up as usual this morning, the boys didn't have school but I was really sick... did some stuff around the house... Not much of a day to speak of, but around 5pm, I checked our agency's website to see if they had posted a picture of the waiting children they wrote us about... sure enough, I saw the first little girl, was not really drawn to her, saw the next one, very cute, but nothing much stirred in my heart... and then I saw the 3rd one... my heart just melted and I wanted so badly to adopt her but felt in my heart that it could never happen because of her condition... I have fears about what this condition could mean to our family... Could God be calling us to adopt her so that He can heal her? Could God be calling us to adopt her and for us to learn to deal with a child with special needs? I just didn't know what to think and because I wasn't really educated on hepatitis, I initially just felt fear and doubt that we could ever adopt her... So, I continued to just ask God to show us and direct our path. We certainly don't want to do anything that is not His plan. WE have to think about what this would mean to our family and the people around us. So much to consider.... I did some research on hepatitis in general, and specifically hepatitis b.... I felt reassured as I read further into what a typical life of a person with this condition would face. When Aaron came home, I asked him about his thoughts on whether God is calling us to adopt her. We both prayed and it was clear that God was beginning to soften His heart to this because He said that He felt God say to Him " Would you adopt her even with her condition and trust that I will work things out for you?" We just began to pray about it and since there wasn't any action we could take immediately because it is the weekend, we decided we would wait on Him the whole weekend and just see how He leads us... it's obvious that He is already doing something and it's possible that we would seriously consider adopting this little girl! It is exciting and very scary all at the same time!


Tori Maurer said...

"God loves you and has a difficult plan for your life." -Mark Galli
At least it's His plan, not yours! Hope rules. Love you.

Thru a Tori-lens said...

You need to post a picture of your DAUGHTER on your BLOG...let's pray her home! We love you guys...sorry we didn't call yesterday, we got caught up in life. :)