Thursday, March 20, 2008

The DAY of Miracle Wonders

This day came like every morning... Aaron made me coffee, I read my bible, took the boys to school, etc... After I took Michael to afternoon kindergarten, I sat down to check my email and there was an email from ASIA (our Taiwan agency) with the subject...

NEW TAIWAN WAITING CHILDREN... in the email was written:

Dear Aaron and Pamela,

ASIA has received 3 more waiting children from Taiwan! We have a 2 year
old girl with Heptatitis C, a 3 month old girl with Hepatitis C and an
angioma on her head, and a 1 ½ month old girl with Hepatitis B. Home
studies for these children would need to be submitted by April 4th. The
agency in Taiwan will accept as many home studies as are submitted for
these children......

My eyes went immediately to the one with Hepatitis B... I thought to myself... "I wonder if this is the "miracle-wonders" God is talking about?? I asked God to reveal it to us if it was Him and that He will direct us to research further into this but just let it go and let me forget about it if it's not His plan... I was curious to find out exactly what Hepatitis B was, so I called Aaron and asked him and he said it could be good or bad...and he said we can talk about it when he got home...

Well, he didn't come home in time to really discuss this, so I decided to let it go for now...

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