Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Joshua 3:5

This morning, during my bible reading time, our assigned reading was Joshua 3. When I got to the verse where it reads... "Sanctify yourselves. Tomorrow God will work miracle-wonders among you." It jumped out at me.... I was a little bit shocked because it jumped out at me and I felt the Spirit say in my heart... "This is for you... do this today and I'll do a miracle-wonder"... So, I asked God in my heart... "How do you want me to sanctify myself today?" to which, I felt like He just simply said "Walk close with me and really watch the way you live"... to me, it meant to really pay attention to live the way God would want me to live today... He gave me a few ideas about how to go about sanctifying myself and even though i have NO IDEA why or what He was going to do TOMORROW, I tried my best to obey... Keeping Him on the forefront of my thoughts... it was easy to do in some aspects, because I volunteered in Michael's class, where they were doing a Good Friday Theme Day... I was really able to focus on Jesus and what He did for me personally.

We'll see what brings tomorrow... God, I am waiting for Your miracle wonder.. it may not even be something I see...

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