Tuesday, June 24, 2008


As I was driving the boys to swimming this morning, I heard a beep on my cell phone and it was an email from Fei at ASIA... the subject said "First Court day" so I excitedly opened the email while driving (which, I know I shouldn't do because it's dangerous, I just couldn't help it). All I saw was 6/26! and I squealed with excitement and told the boys we have a court date!!! This is amazing news because in general, court dates are not given out this quickly. I am thanking God for speeding things up on our behalf. I've been praying all along that God will just move the paperwork quickly through the court system and that nothing will hinder the process. That means tomorrow night at 6:30pm PST, our case will be heard in the Taiwan courts. Our agency rep said in the email that this hearing is for the birthmother to give up her rights and that if all goes well, a final ruling will usually follow 5-6 weeks later. She predicts we'll travel in late Sept or early October... although, I am secretly hoping that the judge gives a final ruling right away and not have to wait 5-6 weeks. That will be so great if we could travel while the boys are still on summer break from school. It sure would simplify things for us to not have to pull them out of school. It is all in God's timing though so I am trying to remain calm and live in His peace.

Please pray for a quick ruling!!! :) :)

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Steve n Coco said...

Oh!! This is so great. Praying for things to just keep chugging along.