Sunday, June 22, 2008

The boys' turn...

I broke the news to our boys that they will have to get their blood drawn to make sure they are immune to Hep B.... they were not very excited about it, but they were all so brave and said they would do it for their sister... So, Aaron & I took them... we really wanted Michael to go first since we thought he would likely be the most fearful, but because of the way the paperwork was entered in the computer, they had to draw Noah's first... that went really well... no tears... Then it was Calvin's turn.... he really looked nervous, but it went great... again, no tears..... but then it was Michael's turn ... even though he had been so brave, he broke down and began to cry... ALOT... and this was BEFORE they even started. Thankfully, Aaron was with him and I was still trying to get our paperwork worked out at the front desk... I heard him cry what seemed like FOREVER and the whole time I just wanted to go rescue him... but, they got it and he survived!

We were really hoping that they all would show immunity to Hep B., but when Aaron got the results back from the lab, it showed no immunity for Calvin & Michael .... which means, they will probably have to either get the whole series started again, or do a booster shot and then another blood test to see if it shows immunity... It makes me sick to think about having to go through all that again... especially with Michael.

Here are some pictures of the boys after the blood draw... I am so proud of them for being so brave! Noah even told me that if he could somehow give away his immunity to Michael, he would just so that Michael wouldn't have to do it again... He is such a sweetheart and I just know he is going to be such a great big brother to Anna. They all will. God's blessed me with 3 wonderful boys that are so caring.




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Steve n Coco said...

Your boys are so SWEET! I love that they would do that scary thing for their little sister... what a lucky girl Anna is.