Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Blood test

Today, Aaron & I went in to get our blood drawn to check for our HBV titres. Since Anna has tested positive for HBV, we need to make sure we are immune to it. We have both had our Hep B vaccincations so we should be OK, but it is recommended that we know for sure. We should have the boys tested as well, even though they all have had their vaccinations too.... I am not looking forward to having their blood drawn.. Michael already struggles with just getting shots. I think getting blood drawn is more traumatic. Part of me wonders if I should just let them go for now and wait until we test Anna here before we make the boys go through this, but, I know that I would feel better knowing that I am protecting our boys. I've been trying to read up on HBV so that I am aware of how to take care of Anna once she is here. The more I read about it, the more I am learning that it is a very manageable condition. Still, I am praying daily that God will heal her completely. I keep thinking back to the day that I first saw Anna's picture and Aaron opened the fridge at his office and found a bag labeled "Hepatitis B Vaccination". I really feel like that was a confirmation from God... 1) That We were supposed to go ahead and petition to adopt her and 2) That God was saying she will be "vaccinated" from this disease... i.e., healing) Only God knows and time will tell how things pan out... Healing, or no healing, her life is in His hands and we are trusting Him 100%.

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Karmen said...

I'm sure it's hard to put your boys through the blood draw/vaccination ... but it's not too bad, just tell them that this is something they can do to help their little sister -- I'm sure they'll be brave! It will probably be tougher on you than them : ) Regardless, I'm agreeing with you for Anna's healing!