Monday, January 22, 2007

Introducing.... OUR GIRLS!

This is the older of the two girls, her current name is Sherley (thought it was Shelly Becky, but turns out, it is Sherley Betty) Turns out she is actually 12 days older than my youngest, Michael! We thought she was 3 1/2 but she'll be 5 years old THIS summer! YIKES... she is SOOOO beautiful... God is so good because I had asked if one of the girls could somehow look like Calvin (my middle son, who got alot of my Okinawan background and has dark skin and big brown almond shaped eyes like this beautiful girl's eyes.... I was absolutely "stunned" by her beauty... she also reminds me of my sister, Sheri, who was the dark skinned one and I was the more pale skinned one... and, as it turns out, Sharonne (the younger girl) is a year younger than Sherley, (just like my sister and me) and she even reminds me of ME a little bit... Sherley was born on 7/17/2002.

This is the younger girl, her name is Sharonne... she was born March 17, 2003... she'll be 4 in just 2 months! She is so adorable! She looks like she's kinda shy in that picture... which is the part that reminds me of when I was young. And also her skin tone... I could be wrong, but I think she is actually the one that is Chinese...To me, their names don't quite fit them :) But, since they are even older than we thought, we will really have to pray hard about what to do... I just want their names to be special because we took such care naming our boys... I don't want them to ever feel like they are any different...I am already so sad that I have missed so much of their life... God knows everything though....


Mark and Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness! YOUR girls are so beautiful! This is an amazing story, and one that will always be a testimony to those around you.

I'll be following aglong and praying for you.

My goodness, what can happen in one week!


Jessica said...

Oh Pam,
These girls are so beautiful! You must be so excited to have pictures of them. I am so happy for you and can't wait to follow your journey. God works miracles doesn't he?

Leslie said...

Ok, They are just stunning. They are really breath taking. You need to journal and let us know what your MIL and FIL thought of these beauties. I think the photos do speak for themselves. I can't wait to hear what was said about them. They look so darn cute, and loving. Yes, please change their names. I think they will love you for that, later on down the line.

Pam, you guys will be having prayers sent up for you guys all over the world. God had this all mapped out, and I just know that it will happen. Did you find any info on your end yesterday? Have you done the I-600A yet?

I'm so so excited for you. God Bless you and Aaron for getting out of your comfort zone, and saying yes.


Alisha said...

I have goose bumps and a lump in my throat just looking at these beautiful little girls. What a blessing for your family and for these precious babies. God is awesome!!!! I am so excited to follow along with this journey. It gives me great hope to press on towards Genei. I'll be praying!!

Melinda said...

Pam~ Your daughters are so beautiful! How awesome to be able to say daughters! As a fellow mom of three boys I can only imagine how thrilled you must be! Three boys and three girls! What a blessed family you have!

Theresa and Brad said...


I've been a bit behind checking in, and I am SO excited for you and the family. God is SO good!