Thursday, December 6, 2007

Homestudy paperwork.... done

We had to have a few things updated (paperwork-wise) for our China homestudy update as well as our new Taiwan homestudy....

I received the package in the mail from Christian Family Adoptions yesterday and worked on it immediately....

We needed new financials, new medical update, which, Derek is going to help us with, a criminal investigations consent, and new life sketches for each of our family members.

Today, we paid the big fee to ASIA to get started on the dossier.
Today, I also went to our local police station to get our criminal background letter for our dossier. It should be ready in a couple of days according to the police station.

We found out that Juline, our social worker will have to come here for a home visit, so I am praying God's FAVOR on us to make it happen before Christmas. We go to Hawaii in the middle of January so I really want to have this done before we go and have our homestudy sent to Taiwan very soon!

Aaron was at the hospital yesterday, talking to Jill from our church, whose daugher had been miraculously saved and recovering well in the hospital after a car accident. Aaron was talking to her about our China adoptions slowing WAY down and he mentioned to her that we'll be adopting from Taiwan in the meantime and she said, without knowing what has been going on with us..."I think this is about God's GRACE"... Aaron said to her that we had felt like she is supposed to be named either ANNA, ANNIE or GRACE (all means Favor, gracious, GRACE) and she said "How about Anna Grace? I really think that was God because we had been wondering what to do since we already have a family member that would be her cousin named Grace and we still really liked that name... So, now we can name her Anna Grace.... I think that's perfect!

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Tori Mommy said...

Time to update, mama! I miss you guys...June keeps asking about Noah. of course. Yes, add me to your blogroll, I'll add you to mine (if it's ok).

Merry Christmas! We never got the Christmas card I guess it will just have to wait. :)